During this Exhibition, all hospitals and other medical establishments from Bulgaria and Europe will have the excellent chance to:

Present the structure of your establishment, the medical services and the specialists working for you. You will have an informed audience and media expecting news.

Establish contacts with patients that have so far not been acquainted with medical services and specialists that are at your disposal.

Participate with a leading specialist of yours, who will be able to deliver a lecture or consult patients at your stand.

Having a stand at the exhibition:

1/ Small stand of 4-8 sq m
Includes basic construction, lighting, electricity. You can pick table and chairs, bench, information desk or display.

2/ Mid-sized stand of up to 20 sq m
Either having a basic construction or building the stand under an individual blue print. You can choose a place on the map. You will be offered individual PR services.

Individual blue print for an exhibition stand.
You will have the option of us constructing a stand under individual blue print with Branding. price and offer for Display we can submit to you after learning of your specific needs and desires. Please, contact us..

Send online your application to participate with a stand and we will respond with an Agreement to confirm your booking.

Programme for exhibitors:
5.10.2018 г. – building the stands – 8am to 8pm. (The Exhibition and all the equipment and supplies will be kept under 24-hour guard!)
6.10.2018 г. – 8-10am – helping exhibitors take their places; 10am – starting the Exhibition with official guests (ministers from several countries, ambassadors, delegates) and media; 8pm marks the end of the first day of the event.
7.10.2018 г. – 8am to 8pm – Exhibition’s second day.
8.10.2018 г. – 8am to 7pm – dismantling the stands.


In addition to building the stand and meeting media, you will be able to hand press kits to our media partners and receive other help with public relations’ activities during the event.
Individual PR
During this Exhibition we offer your organisation the option of individual PR. We can also supply you with photographs of the Exhibition.
Hotel accommodation
Our team provides assistance for reservations and hotel accommodation.

Media partners: