In the course of two full days on October 6th and 7th 2018, The National palace of Culture (NDK) will host the FIRST EDITION OF Expo Hospitals – Exhibition of hospitals and other medical establishments that also shows the newest methods and opportunities to receive high-quality, reliable, fast and accessible medical care.

Long anticipated, this Exhibition will be of utmost use to patients, seeking quality treatment and willing to learn about the system of medical establishment that fully cover their needs.
Avoiding the stress that usually accompanies visits to hospitals, the Exhibition offers the chance of a „quiet coffee-mode conversation“ regarding the highest quality technological methods for treatment and the opportunity for patients to move from one country to another when they wish to be healed.

The National palace of Culture (NDK) is chosen to host the exhibition. This is a popular and impressive building and is easily accessed via public transport.
Hospitals’ exhibition stands will be located at the main lobby of NDK and all visitors will have free access to them.

Modern healthcare offers patients the choice of the most efficient and highly technological methods of treating various disease, as well as other health services, improving the quality of life and even appearance. The concept of our Exhibition is to inform the visitors, and in out-of-hospital conditions of the types of services and medical care that hospitals in Bulgaria, as well as in neighbouring countries and in Western Europe, supply.

This Exhibition is an excellent opportunity for the people to acquaint themselves, without being hospitalised, of the possibilities of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of various diseases or with the processes and technologies in place for improving their quality of life and aesthetic looks.
Visitors will have the on-the-spot chance of being tested for free, of being consulted by leading Bulgarian and foreign specialists, and of informing themselves via the accompanying discussions and other events. The programme of the Exhibition will be published one month before its launch.

The official start of the Exhibition is at 10:00 on October 6, 2010 and will take place at the main lobby of NDK. Officials guests will be announced just before the event.


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